Pack 2 Units Extra Virgin First Ybarra Harvest 2019: Manzanillo and Picuda

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Pack of 2 bottles of 500ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil First Harvest Ybarra 2019.

Personalized box with 2 cases, one for the Extra Virgin Picuda bottle and another one for the Extra Virgin Manzanillo bottle. With exclusive packaging in 500ml bottles of white color. Limited and numbered edition. The Picuda Extra Virgin is characterized by a smell of green olive and olive leaf that intermingle on the palate to result in a taste with a medium bitterness and itch. For its part, the Extra Virgin Manzanillo has a smell of nuts (almond, mainly), apple and ripe tomato and on the palate there is a fruity taste with bitterness and very mild itching.

Perfect to give health this Christmas!

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